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Fiber Optic Laser

Every custom metal fabrication job deserves the highest quality. In order to provide that value, we have made sure to use the best equipment available today. Our fiber optic lasers provide crisp, clean cuts to sheet metal up to 2" thick. JAMM Fabrication and Design can effectively and precisely create anything for your custom metal needs. 


Piranha fiber LASER metal cutting machines are built with reliability and economy in mind. These tough machines use proven technology to ensure precision and reliability throughout their service life. This special combination of durability and cost efficiency provides maximum value for steel processors.

This fiber optic laser has a 60.25″ X 120.25″ cutting area and can cut 24GA to 3/8” thick material. 

High Power Fiber Laser Cutter-The Fourth Generation SF3015H

This Senfeng fiber laser cutter is designed for high power. It draws up to 20,000 watts. The protective measures can prevent the laser radiation and protect the worker safety, reduce the environment pollution; and it is also with auto-exchangeable platforms, which can save the materials loading time, improve the processing efficiency. It takes 20 seconds to change out material sheets.

This fiber optic laser has a 60.25″ X 120.25″ cutting area and can cut 2” thick material. 

E Series Fiber LASER: 5×10

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