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JAMM Fab Team Project Prep

About Us

At JAMM Fabrication, we offer an extensive list of services all working together to create the perfect piece of custom metal parts that you need in mass production. 

We specialize in offering custom design, mass production, and excellent customer services for a wide range of industries.

JAMM Metal Fab Precision Weld

JAMM Fabrication started in 2017 when the founders saw a need in the community for custom handrails for train cars. Allen worked tirelessly to fabricate the perfectly bent handrail to meet this need. In those early days 3 employees cut, bent and smashed 100s of handrails. Over the years JAMM has grown to a team of 24 employees shipping approximately 50,000 custom parts a month to states across the US.

Our Story

Welding Safety is Always Top Priority at JAMM

Meet the Owners

Matt Goodhart

JAMM Fab Co-owner Matt Goodhart

Matt Goodhart graduated with a degree in business from the University of Arkansas in 2007. He began working in the metal industry in 2008. He started his career in purchasing before moving into sales. In 2020 he began working at JAMM Fabrication in sales and administration. Over the past several years he has helped grow JAMM to a team of 24 with yearly sales over 3 million. Matt's passion is giving back to his employees. He has started a 401K program, provides financial counseling, as well as employee and family outings.

Allen Walker

Allen Walker Co-owner of JAMM Metal Fabrication

Allen Walker began welding in high school while working at a decorative metal welding shop. He attended Nashville Auto Diesel College where he learned how to assemble auto chassis. In 2017 Allen was approached with a need to fabricate handrails for train cars. Using his background knowledge in fabrication, he taught himself how to create the handrails, and JAMM Fabrication was born.  Since then he has become well rounded in the fabrication of 1000s of parts. Allen has formed a partnership with Singfing Laser, a laser manufacturing company. He attends several tradeshows a year demonstrating the lasers to other fabricators. Allen's passion is helping customer's vision come to life and teaching aspiring fabricators.

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